Whole Person Development Inventory


All newly admitted full-time students are eligible to do the Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI). You only need to spend 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire and you can receive a FREE individual report.

This chance is open to you on or before 23 September 2022 (Friday).

About WPDI

WPDI is a psychological assessment instrument measuring the whole person development status of tertiary students. The inventory is consisted of 111 items in 6-point Likert type scale (1=Strongly disagree, 6=Strongly agree). All of the items are constructed into 15 factors under 6 domains (as shown in the figure below).


Steps of doing WPDI

  1. You will receive an invitation email from eWPDI system after 23 August 2022 (Tuesday).
  2. Click the link sent through the email and set up your own password on the eWPDI system.
  3. After entering the system, the questionnaire will be shown and please answer every question carefully.
  4. You can get your whole person development individual report within one minute after completing the questionnaire.

At this starting point of your university life, WPDI is a tool which can help you understand your whole personal development status and set your personal development goal.

For enquiries, you are welcome to call 2948 6720 or send an email to wpdi@eduhk.hk .