For Non-local Students

Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD)


Programme Date Time Venue
BA (Special Education) 16 August 2019 16:00-17:00 B3-P-04
BEd (Early Childhood Education) D3-G/F-02
BSocSc (Psychology) B3-LP-05


Faculty of Humanities (FHM)


Programme Date Time Venue
BA (Language Studies) Chinese Major / English Major 16 August 2019 16:00-17:00 B2-LP-18                   
BA (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) B2-LP-13
BA (Language Studies) & BEd (English Language) (DD) B4-LP-01
BEd (English Language) - Primary B4-LP-01
BEd (Chinese Language) B2-LP-14
BEd (Chinese History) B2-LP-16


Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS)


Programme Date Time Venue
BA (Creative Arts and Culture) & BEd (Visual Arts) (DD) 16 August 2019 16:00-17:00 B3-LP-06
BA (Creative Arts and Culture) & BEd (Music) (DD) B4-LP-03
BA (Creative Arts and Culture) B3-P-03
BEd (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies) B2-LP-20
BEd (Primary) in General Studies / Mathematics
BEd (Science)
BEd (Geography)
BEd (Secondary) - ICT
BEd (Secondary) in Mathematics
BSocSc (Global and Environmental Studies) B2-LP-23
BSocSc (Global and Hong Kong Studies) B4-LP-07
BSocSc (Policy Science and Management) B4-LP-08
BA (Liberal Studies Education) D3-LP-13
BEd (Sports Science) TBC
BSocSc (Greater China Studies) - Year 1 entry B3-LP-04
BSocScEd (Greater China Studies) - Year 3 entry B3-LP-04