University Life Planning

You will find as a new student that there are plenty of opportunities in university life for personal development. Choosing between them might cause you a headache if you have no idea of what you want to do in the coming years. The University Life Planning scheme is launched by the SAO to help you planning your non-academic development path. Our Student Development Tutors (SDTs) will provide you with proper guidance in individual or group advisory sessions.


Each of you is required to attend at least one advisory session in your first year. During the 1-hour session, you will design a personal development plan in according with your Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI) report, encompassing personal goals, interests, values and strengths and weaknesses. Please sign up to a timeslot when the SDTs visit your class in early September or early January.

To know more about our scheme:


For enquiries please email us at or drop into our Office on 1/F of CKCF Building (Block A).



Students feedback on advisory sessions:

  • It helps me to familiarize more about myself during a comfortable talk.
  • My advisor really made me feel comfortable and helped me open up to best receive the session positively, I learned a lot and I feel highly motivated to achieve my goals.