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Here is The 8th Animation and Comics Association of the Education University of Hong Kong, Anitoxic. In Anitoxic, there are many companions that are big fans of animation and animated culture. You can find friends with same or similar hobbies here. If you love watching animations, we can watch new animations together and discuss the plot; if you enjoy animated dance, we can form a group to practice dancing and record it; if you are keen on music, we can form a band and sing songs together; if you like playing ACG games, we can play them online and share strategies with each other; if you are interested in cosplaying, we can dress up, make-up and cosplay the roles we like……


Anitoxic is the wonderland of ACG. In addition, numerous activities are waiting for your participation, such as Karaoke party, maid café, Chun Feng Zhi Yue and so on. Don't wait any more, join us and have a good time here!



香港教育大學學生會屬會第八屆動漫學會 漫性中毒AniToxic

IG: anitoxic.eduhk


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The purpose of this group is to promote volunteering service in Chinese dance. We hold a lot of volunteering activities, including regular art volunteer training courses. Through the teaching of dance combinations, training volunteers to serve schools and communities, in order to convey the message of healthy living, and promote Chinese culture. Trainees can participate in outreach dance workshops to share with the community of how to promote 'art education', 'injury and health' and &'health education' with Chinese dance. In addition, the annual Chinese dance show is a chance to participate in the large-scale comprehensive art performances, interate with public through the stage.


As a future potential teachers, we cooperate with the students and community in order to evoke the students’ interest in Chinese culture and volunteering.


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Hong Kong Education University Student Association and the Chinese Dance Art Volunteer Group

Dancing Society acts as a platform for members to learn different dancing styles, as well as socializing and learning from each others. We will hold various  trainings, activities and performances every year. During the process, members are able to interact not only with the EdU students, but all the other institutions’ dancing society members. Therefore, even you are a rookie in dancing, you are still able to experience the pleasures from it.


There will be 3 major performances throughout the year: Joint-U Mass Dance, Inter-Varsity Dance Competition and the Annual Performance. Performing pieces would include a large variety of dancing styles: All-rounded street dance, urban dance with numerous transformations, the feminine jazz funk, last but not least, the obscure but elegant contemporary dance. You name it! You sure could find a style which suits you the most. 


Join the big family of EdU Dancing Society to enrich your fruitful university life!

The Drama Society of The education University of Hong Kong is dedicated to unite people who are passionate with drama and provide a platform for members to unleash their talent. We hope to promote drama to different people and share the euphoria of performing with them.


We will put together three major performances each year: Freshmen performance, Joint- school performance and Annual performance. Freshmen performance open doors for freshman to participate in university's drama production.  Joint- school performance gather different universities together, while members can enjoy production of other universities through interaction. Annual performance is stepping stone towards a more professional performance. We also host workshops dedicated to teaching children drama, creating unforgettable memories together.

Hello, we are the Game Society. We have many board and card games for our members to play. In addition we also have foosball in our gathering events too. You all are welcomed to join our activities in the coming years. Come and visit us.



香港教育大學學生會屬會 第一屆遊戲學會 遊樂園

Instagram: game_society_eduhk

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We provides opportunities for students who are interested in debating . We also organize activities for members, such as workshops, seminars, competitions etc. We also joins at least two Hong Kong-wide competitions each year(the RTHK College mandarin debate competition and the United twelve College contend competition).


We will sign up to participate in the Mandarin Debate World Cup, Mandarin debate World Championships and other activities related to debate and provide more opportunities for members to ractice.


Participants can improve the ability of team cooperation, on-the-spot adaptability and ability of personal logical thinking. Members will enhance abilities like problem analysis, data collection and language expression in debating activities as well. We will also promote the interest of the Mandarin Debate through activities. Through the activities, we can provide opportunities to practice speaking Mandarin, enhance participant's personal ability, and promote communication between local and non-local students.


Facebook: OPEN SPACE Edu


Our club is inspired by the quintessence of China, which involves Chinese history and culture. The traditional culture represent the core spirit of China. The quintessence influences every dynasties of China and the Hans. Ink painting, calligraphy and Peking Opera are some great examples. Our club offers activities to let our members embrace the Chinese culture such as painting workshops and peking opera appreciation lesson etc. Please come and join our club and enjoy our activities.


IG: qts.eduhk



The current Hong Kong society is unfair in different aspects, and the underprivileged is often marginalized, and being neglected. The Social Services Society of the Education University of Hong Kong aims to raise students' awareness in serving the community.


The 26th executive committee, hopes to make more people to understand the living conditions of the vulnerable and nurture their benevolence. In addition, we hope that our members will obtain and develop virtues such as friendship, care, patience and respect during the event to better serve the community. Let's be social. Let's have virtues!


Our society will strive to promote the Hong Kong Award for Young People on campus. Through organising activities from different areas such as skills courses, field exercise, social services, etc.


In addition, to assist students to successfully take different awards, we hope to cultivate students' interest in different areas. Also to lead students to find their own strengths, discover their own deficiencies, and achieve satisfaction and achievements through these activities, enriching their campus life. We will provide sufficient opportunities for students to meet the members, broaden their social circle, and learn common skills such as social skills, leadership skills and communication skills. Aiming for students to equip themselves and apply them to the workplace in the future. 


Catholic Society is a student association formed by those who believe in God. We aim to unite Catholics to showthe  love of God in daily lives. We strengthen members' understanding towards Catholic through regular spiritual activities and volunteering works, which could also strengthen the relationship between God and themselves. We would also gather and cooperate with other universities and colleges to let people understand us more. We lead our members to explore and attend to the society, to help the poor and those in need.


FACEBOOK: Eduhk Katso

INSTAGRAM: eduhk_katso

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The Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students Society of The Education University of Hong Kong is a branch of the Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students' Association. The Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students' Association was established in November 1993. It is one of the public service organizations in Hong Kong for youth and tertiary students. The purpose is to organize diversified and professional activities, services and training for students to become future leaders of society with ambition, ability and commitment.



1. Caring for national development and promoting exchanges and communication between Hong Kong and Mainland students;


2. Caring about social affairs and understanding the differences in life, and education and culture of different social classes;


3. Enhancing mutual understanding between young and tertiary students.



Instagram: hkytss_eduhk21th

“I inject joy into music, for letting the world feel happy.” --Mozart

What is music? It does not matter what the definition of music is on the dictionary--yet it is more significant to know the meaning of it in everyone's heart. Wherever you are, whatever you feel, whatever you do, music always stays with you. Music follows you on different journeys, music is part of life, music accompanies us through ups and downs.

Our mission is to promote various music cultures, to maximize the chances of students to get in touch with music, and to provide opportunities for students to reveal their musical talents. Most importantly, we, Hedonic, hope to become a part in everyone's life, going through joys and sorrows with all of you.


Hedonic, "Enjoy music, from rock to classic."


Hongkongers generally lack attention to health because of the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, by organizing different activities to our members, the goal of Regimen Society is to encourage members to strengthen their physique and to prevent illness, emphasize the importance of health.

Regimen Society organizes a variety of activities such as cooking workshops, mini-sports events and talks. We aim to provide different health-preserving tips to our members, so that students will be conscious about health and are encouraged to form a healthier campus.


Instagram:  eduhk_regimensoc

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