Student Services

Counselling Services

Counselling Service helps students to make the desired changes and decisions in their life. Counselling goes beyond problem-solving, it provides support for students and helps them discover more about themselves and their potentials.

  • Psychological Counselling is provided by professional counsellors
  • Issues include relationships, emotions, study, career planning and family, etc.
  • Information will be kept confidential
  • Website:

Making an Appointment

Phone: 2948 6245


Drop-in Sessions

Address: Room 07, 1/F, Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building

Tuesday and Friday
08:30 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:20
(On a first-come, first-served basis)

Non-office-hour Counselling Hotline

Monday to Friday : 17:20 - 08:30

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays : 24 hours

Non-office-hour counselling hotline : 8208 1155


Career Development Services

To equip students with the necessary career skills and experience to enhance their competitive edge in the teaching and non-teaching job market


Health Services

To achieve holistic health for all, students and authorized users are provided with medical and dental services

  • The Health Centre provides primary medical services to students, staff and authorized users.  External network dental clinics are also available for users.
  • Website: 

On-campus Medical Clinics

Address: Room 09, 1/F, Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building

Appointment & Enquiry of Medical Service: 2948 6262

Opening Hours of Medical Service

09:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 16:00 (Monday – Friday)

09:00 - 13:00 (Saturday)

Voluntary Student Dental Plan

The plan offers unlimited number of services for items, except scaling and polishing. A total of 9 off-campus dental clinics are available for the scheme, with 2 located in Tai Po Centre.

Appointment: 2666 6661

Enquiry: 6467 4702 (whatsapp only)

  • Free check-up for new students and regular health education programmes are provided and organized to broaden health knowledge and promote preventive healthcare.

  • Website:

Free Medical Check-up

Date: 2-27 September 2019
Venue: Medical Clinic
Registration: 2948 6262

Free Oral Check-up

Date: 2-31 Octotber 2019
Venue: External Clinics
Registration: 2666 6661


Scholarships & Awards 

Scholarships, awards and prizes aim at recognizing and encouraging students’ academic achievements.

  • Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic and professional merits, leadership abilities, contribution in community service, participation in extra-curricular activities and other criteria as stipulated by the donors.
  • Most scholarships are by nomination, while some are offered through open application or both.

For details, please refer to


Student Accommodation Services 

To provide services in the allocation of hall places, hall facility and property management of the four UGC-funded studenthalls/quarters, and provision of hall life education.  Students with different accommodation needs may check for relevant information from the Student Affairs Office.  Accommodation and support services include:

On-campus accommodation for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of University Grants Committee-funded programmes and exchange students.


For details, please visit the website at


For enquiries, please email to: (General Enquiries for Hall Admission) (General Enquiries) or call general enquiries at 2948 6868.

Support services to full-time non-local postgraduate students of

self-financed programmes 


For details of On-campus Temporary Students Bed Places, please contact Mr. LAU of the Estates Office at or 2948 8822.


For reference information of Off-campus Accommodation, please visit the Off-campus Accommodation Information Platform (OAIP).


Financial Assistance

Students with financial needs may apply for a wide range of financial assistances / services from the Student Affairs Office.  Financial assistances / services include:



Locker Service

To provide quality locker services for the convenience of our students

  • EdUHK students who are studying Higher Diploma or bachelor degree programmes (or above) may apply for the use of student locker on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Students may log-in the following website for online application.  A locker will be assigned automatically.

For details, please refer to


Catering Service

There are three catering outlets serving both Asian and Western cuisines:

•  The Cove View (P/F, Block B4 and C)

•  Coffee Corner (G/F, between Block B4 and Library)

•  Cafe (Learning Commons, LP/F, Block C)


University Station Shuttle and School Bus Services

Updated information of the University Station Shuttle and School Bus services together with the normal and special arrangements of the services during bad weather will be found on notice boards on campus, the Portal or the Estates Office's homepage ( In the event of tropical cyclone or rainstorm, details of the arrangements of the University Station Shuttle and School Bus services will also be posted on the "University Announcements" of the Intranet for ease of reference. Enquiries related to this service may be directed to the Estates Office at 2948 6714 during office hours or the service hotline of the operator of the School Bus service to be furnished at the Estates Office homepage.