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As the name of our association “Ganges” and “地緣", we gather because of Geography. We hope to contribute to this Geography family, and continue the spirit of selflessness of the association. We will conduct different activities, not only  bringing joy to our members, but also raising awareness to the environment around us, and learn to appreciate the beauty of our world.


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We will maintain a positive attitude and hope to create a vibrant and joyful campus life for our students. We will inherit the optimistic quality of our members and behold the integrity of our students.


We are willing to walk side by side with our classmates and grow together. We will organize a variety of activities for teachers and students throughout the school year to unite our people. Also to strengthen the relationship between Chinese language students and their peers, former and current generations, and the teachers and students, and to adhere our students like a family.


In addition, through organising academic activities, we aim to immerse students in a strong academic atmosphere, and provide a platform for students for in-depth understanding of Chinese literature and culture.



Chinese Language Student Association





Hi everyone! We are the 8th Interdisciplinary Arts Association of Department of Cultural and Creative Arts of The Education University of Hong Kong - Artvity.


Our association strives to provide an exchange platform for Music and Visual Arts major students. Also, we aspire is to help develop students’ sense of belonging and their understanding of our association, through holding different kinds of interesting events. Besides, encouraging the development of local arts and cultures in both visual arts and music aspect is yet another aim of our association.


If you’re a  Visual Arts or Music student, do not hesitate to join our activities. We look forward to meeting you on our Registration Day! See you there! 


History Education Students’ Association devote itself to serve its members. We offer welfare to our members and encourage them to participate in our activities to strengthen their sense of belonging. By holding various activities, we would like to enhance the cohesion and connection between members and professors. At the same time, we cooperate with other universities, faculties and school associations to organise special events, in hope to create a remarkable and fruitful university life for our members.


Below is a brief introduction to our annual plan. Regular activities such as orientation camp and semester opening banquet, will be held in August and September. It aims to help freshmen familiarise with the university and our department, providing an opportunity to experience mass function. During the camp, team leaders who major in History or Chinese History education will help freshmen to adapt to the university life and address their enquiries. Apart from that, joint community and joint university activities, such as Joint-University Tournament and Joint Community Singing Contest will be held. We hope these activities could provide a platform and opportunity for members to expand their social network and showcase their talents. Last, we will introduce some new activities for our members such as Farewell Party for graduating students and learning History on Instagram. On our Instagram account, we will be posting History facts as a relaxing way for students to learn history.



SSA devotes to unite our members through various activities. SSA includes the three majors, Global and Environmental Studies(GES), Greater China Studies(GCS) and Global and Hong Kong Studies(GHKS).SSA also pays close attention to social issues, to reinforce the sense of awareness of our members on current affairs. We welcome all freshmen who study the three majors above to join our association. The latest updates are available on different social media.


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We have prepared some orientation activities for you. Please feel free to visit our booth on registration day for more details. We are looking forward to see you soon.


Orientation Day

Date: 12 August 2019

Venue: The Education University of Hong Kong


Orientation Camp

Date: 14 -16/8

Venue: To be confirmed


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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Jessica 5128 3715

Yiesha 5139 3836