Support Services for Students with Special Needs

Following its guiding principles on equal opportunities and with the concerted efforts of departments and offices, the University is committed to providing care and support to students with SEN in order to enhance their participation in the academic activities and campus life.


“Special Educational Needs” is an umbrella term, covering various learning and adapting difficulties. Potential types include but not limited to:

Learning and Developmental Disabilities
Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) (e.g. dyslexia)
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)
Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Physical and Sensory Disabilities
Hearing Impairment
Speech Impairment
Visual Impairment
Mental Illness (e.g. mood disorder, psychosis)
Chronic Illness


Support services may include academic accommodations, special examination arrangements, accessible campus facilities, counselling and career services, and bursaries and scholarships.


Access to Support Services:

Disclose your SEN to the Registry during your admission, or contact the Student Affairs Office (SAO) when in need.
Attend an interview with SAO to let us know your specific needs. (Please bring along documentation from recognized professionals on your SEN).
SAO will discuss with the department/offices and you on the appropriate support arrangements.


Student Affairs Office



Telephone: (+852) 2948 6245