Student Residents' Association

There are four student residences at the Education University of Hong Kong: Northcote Hall (NH), Grantham Hall (GH), Robert Black Hall (RBH) and Jockey Club Student Quarters (JCSQ). Aiming to provide students with a comfortable and enjoyable hall life, the Student Residents' Associations of each residence organizes regular and fruitful social activities and provides up-to-date information to the residents. 


Residents of a student hall will become members of its Residents' Association automatically.


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- Northcote Hall (NH)

- Grantham Hall (GH)

- Robert Black Hall (RBH)

- Jockey Club Student Quarters (JCSQ)

What kind of hall life do you 
want to experience? 


Meeting new friends? 
Participate in hall activities? 
Have someone to lean on when you're feeling lost? 
Being deadline fighters together?

Well Northcote Hall has all of that for you! 


Irrespective of the tedious and hectic semester in EdU, Northcote Hall organizes a variety of activities every year, letting residents to unwind and relax as a distraction from the heavy workload university dumps on us. 


In Northcote Hall, you're going to come across not only considerate but caring N-Hallers, who will be there for you during such uncertain times and be your second home. 



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Kong 香港教育大學 - 羅富國堂 

Grantelligence, the 16th Student Residents' Association of the Grantham Hall of the Education University


Do you want to live an unforgettable hall life in EdUHK? Having a homely and heartwarming experience university life is definitely an indispensable part. Considering having a fruitful life while enjoying your personal time? Don’t hesitate! The best choice must be Grantham Hall!


If you are interested in living in our hostel, simply click on ‘iHostel (For Student)’ on the top banner ’Stu Affairs’ in our school portal at to complete the registration steps! 



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