Global Learning Enhancement Fund



In order to further promote internationalisation and to better facilitate student participation in learning opportunities overseas and in the Greater China region, EdUHK offers the Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF) to provide support to full-time undergraduate students as well as students studying full-time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme (HD(ECE)) participating in approved learning activities. Students are required to contribute at least 50% of the programme/activity fee, while the GLEF provides each student a subsidy capped at HK$10,000 (for undergraduate students) / HK$5,000 (for HD(ECE) students) during his/her study. For further details, please refer to the Internationalisation website of the EdUHK.


Other than GLEF, EdUHK offers a number of additional financial support schemes for eligible students to participate in non-local learning activities, e.g.:

  • Generous exchange scholarships for students with outstanding academic performance taking part in Student Exchange Programmes
  • Subsidy schemes offered by the Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (EDB), including:
    • Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (SSE);
    • Scheme for Means-tested Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions for Post-secondary Students (Means-tested SSEBR)
    • Non-means-tested Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-secondary Students (Non-means-tested MES) and
    • Scheme for Non-means-tested Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Region for Post-secondary Students (Non-means-tested SSEBR).

For further details, please refer to the Internationalisation website of the EdUHK.