Academic Regulation


General Academic Regulations (GAR)
  • General Academic Regulations (GAR) aims to assure the academic standard of the University.
  • Students of undergraduate, diploma and certificate programmes are required to observe the General Academic Regulations whilst studying at the University.
  • Students are required to familiarize yourself with the General Academic Regulations and the “Operational Guidelines supporting GAR” under the “Student Handbook”.
  • For new policies/regulations or any amendments/updates, please refer to the announcement made via the Intranet, emails, notices, circulars and the online version:
  • Key points of GAR are summed up in the powerpoint.

Academic Advising (AA)
  • Academic Advisors assist students in drawing up study routes compatible with their career/life goals.
  • All first-year students of UGC-funded full-time undergraduate programmes participate in AA.
  • Full-time self-financed undergraduate programmes/ senior year entrants may join AA with due consideration of resource and needs.
  • References
    1. Website (Information for new students will be available when the new academic year starts in September.)
    2. Handbook on Academic Advising for Full-time Undergraduates (Available at AA website)
    3. Registry (Academic Regulations and Records Section) will arrange briefing sessions for students in September/ October