Affiliated with Students’ Union are an array of student societies (SUASs) to engage students with similar hobbies and interests. Students interested in joining SUAS activities can fill in the proforma (Please login with your student account, i.e.  The Student Affairs Office shall pass on your corresponding details to related societies.


Airsoft Practical Shooting Society

Astronomical Society

Chinese Music Society

Christian Fellowship

Debate Team

Drama Society

Film Society

Game Society

Handmade Society

Mandarin Speech and Debate Association

Multi-sports Society

Mystery Society

Photography Society

Quintessence Society

Social Service Society

The Calligraphy Society

Animation and Comics Association

Catholic Society

Chinese Dance Arts Volunteer Society

Dancing Society

Dessert Society

Financial Investment And Management Society

Gourmet Society

Hong Kong Youth And Tertiary Students Society

Mathematics Society

Music Society

Musical Society

Opus Society

Puzzle-solving Society

Regimen Society

Tarot Society