The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) is an academic and professional supporting unit at The Education University of Hong Kong. It aims to enhance student learning outcomes by applying digital technology to support the development of e-Learning and digital competency, innovation of learning and teaching, and the improvement and innovation of assessment at the University.

The Centre would like to offer new students the workshop “Hybrid Learning”. In this workshop, you will learn about how to get started with Zoom in terms of basic set-up and using the correct type of license. You will also have hands-on experience in joining an online class, as well as to create your own online meetings. In this workshop, there will also be guidance on how to make presentations online, as well as sharing on how to become an interactive learner, good practices in web safety and privacy, and lesson etiquette.

The Centre also provides a range of services for students, including:

LTTC offers various workshops on e-Learning and digital competency development, and ePortfolio building to students. The Centre also co-organises workshops with faculties and departments on the use of other e-Learning tools and related pedagogical strategies in support of the University’s implementation of e-Learning and Digital Competency Strategy. Students are welcome to enroll in the workshops by visiting the LTTC website.

LTTC has developed various online user guides for Moodle, Sway and Google Sites to support students. Students are welcome to get the related self-learning materials from the LTTC website.

LTTC administers a self-assessment questionnaire for measuring students’ self-perceived achievement on GILOs. Students will receive an individual report which helps them to write reflection and set learning goals through ePortfolios. LTTC also provides insights for students to connect GILOs to their learning and teaching.

ITCE is implemented through IT ePortfolio Checking. Students are expected to demonstrate the required level of ITCE and are required to pass the IT ePortfolio Checking before graduation. For details, please refer to the website.

The Coding Education Unit of LTTC supports the digital competency development by offering courses, seminars, workshops and other learning and teaching activities on coding, 3D printing, STEM/STEAM education, robotics education, literacy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. To provide quality environment for students to learn and create, the laboratories are well-equipped with various mobile digital devices and 3D printers. All students are welcome to enroll in the courses, seminars and workshops by visiting the LTTC website.