Dear Students,

I would like to extend my warm welcome to all of you for joining the EdUHK family. I am no different from you as I became a part of this lively and vibrant campus only since July this year. University study, as you will begin to experience, is an exciting journey filled with unlimited opportunities. We are here to support your endeavour and facilitate you to nourish your talents.

Apart from the academic department with which you will affiliate to, the Student Affairs Office will be your key contact regarding what you want to achieve in parallel with your study programme. First, our Campus Life Tutors will connect with and support you along the way. They can provide you with insider information and connect you with new friends on campus. Other tutors are to guide you in planning for different types of experiential learning activities of your interests. In student halls, wardens, tutors and management teams will co-create with you a conducive and supportive living-learning environment. All these supports that you will receive are to facilitate you to develop into active and all-rounded members of the university and hence transcend into socially responsible and global citizens. For non-local students, we care for your needs. We will organize on-arrival support, such as language classes and cultural activities, to help you integrate into the campus and local communities as soon as possible.

Be active, actualize your potential and make friendships in EdUHK that last a lifetime.

Professor Chetwyn Chan Che-hin
Vice President (Research & Development)